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Living in the Southern Ontario region has many homeowners spending the majority of the colder months looking out their windows and wishing they could enjoy the sun in their coveted backyards. Granted, on some of these occasions, they are looking on as the snow gently glides over the earth in solitude, while they are cozy indoors by a crackling fireplace. For the majority of the time however, they are feeling cabin fever and yearning for spring to come, so that they can come out of their hibernation. They reminisce over warm summer nights spent out in their backyards with the twinkling fairy lights adorning our sweet memories like diamonds. They can almost taste the steak as they recall the smell of barbeque dinners prepared in our outdoor kitchens. We miss the sound of our friends' laughter which is distinctly different when it is given air to breathe and expand as it takes on its permanent place in our memory reel. We look forward with anticipation to breakfast outside while being serenaded by birds. 

It is with these moments in mind, that we design and build your decks. We see your backyard as a true extension of your interior. We take that time to learn about your lifestyle - about what makes you feel at home, peaceful, inspired, and excited. We take elements from your indoor space, and bring them outdoors - creating a space that truly resonates with you - for you to look forward to enjoying every year. We help you make this space accessible to you for as much as possible throughout the year. Before we design your space, we take the time to understand the flow you wish to experience in the space. Every space we create is uniquely tailored to the people we are designing for - and we take great pride in understanding our clients needs and surpassing their greatest expectations.


We have taken the time to curate durable and unique materials at the best prices.
The materials come to life however thanks to the craftsmanship of our team.
Together, we guarantee client satisfaction, and do not leave any project without achieving desired results.


While we cut no corners, our customers' comfort is always at the forefront. We are committed to tight timelines and keeping our customers updated every step of the way. We strive to make the experience as pleasant as possible by paying attention to the cleanliness of our work - minimally invading the day to day lives of our customers and their neighbours. 

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